VIPA Elementos Graficos

Market and Business intelligence

Design and development of qualitative and quantitative studies. Do you need to conduct a survey, a focus group or, in-depth interviews?... Leave it in our hands!.

Construction of the consumer profile. You don’t know who your customers are and you want to analyze the strategy for your product or service.? This study is for you!

Evaluation of demographic profile and segmentation. Identify, know, prioritize and group your clients according to strategic objectives.

Competitor analysis. Get to know those who live in your industry, their weaknesses and strengths, and analyze how to take advantage and differentiate yourself.

 Location by state, county, or zip code of target market. Locate as accurately as possible where your customers are, your business strategies could be more effective and quickly achieve greater brand awareness.

Cultural perspectives or ethnographic studies. Because there are differences, cultural groups have different consumption habits and preferences, we are specialists in different regions of Latin America and Hispanic segments.

Development of strategy in social networks. Apply your strategies so that your networks adapt to the target you are looking for and not adapt yourself to what the networks tell you.

Database analysis. Your company has a very valuable asset, information. Organizations often accumulate large amounts of data from their day-to-day operations (customer data, product movement, frequency of claims, and much more). We turn all this data into valuable information for decision making.


Omni-channel customer service - voice, chat, social media, email- Don't lose your customers and your brand's reputation. Leave the attention of your customers in our hands, regardless of the channel.

Sales and telemarketing a implementation. We are experts in sales of products and services, with a high conversion of leads.

Development and application of brand loyalty programs. Whatever your loyalty strategy, we reach out to the customer to make them feel how important they are to you.

Telephone surveys. And this is where our long track record in market research joins with experience in using the contact center as a channel for a greater number of surveys.

Management of complaints and claims. The points for improvement that customers request from companies must be treated with the greatest care and follow-up, our contact center will ensure that your customer’s experience is always the best.


External consulting service for companies in commercial strategy and market and business intelligence.

The expensive and large departments of strategies and market intelligence can be reduced in our hands, outsource the services with us and let us be allies.